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EPSON Film Printer

  • Chemical Free CTF (Computer to Film) solution is the best alternate of Imagesetter Film because due to CTP (Computer to Plate) 96% of the Plate making business is shifted from Imagesetter to CTP.
  • 6 major plants now discontinued the production of Imagesetter film cause 300% price hike and non availability of film. In next couple of months Imagesetter will be a history.
  • Now the problem belongs to Screen Printers, Garment Printing factories, Flexo polymer block, Zink block making and metal etching units.
  • CTF (Computer to Film) Solution for full functionality of creating 1Bit images on to film for exposing and having UV densities upto 3.5 to 4.2 dMax UV.

Available Media size 12", 17", 20", 24", 32", 36"x 30 meter

Colorlib Template
  • Our System using EPSON Large Format Printer and Special RIP Software which convert a normal inkjet printer into a PostScript Printer which is capable to print from 10 Lpi to 170 Lpi with variable Angle, Shape, Dot Shape controls like ROUND, ELIPITICAL, SQAURE, DIAMOND, etc. Also Compatible to print CUSTOM SCREENING, HYBRID SCREENING, FM SCREENING & ROSETTE SCREEING in Special cases.
  • Available in 5 sizes 13”, 24”, 36”, 44”, 64” we have full range of printer which can fulfill the needs for Printing Unit.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this system that running cost is almost 1/3rd or 70% less if compared to ImageSetter Film cost. It depends the quality of the film you are using. Film pricing depends quality, brand material and the coating thickness. Film roll of 24”x30 Metre roll can cost INR2500/- (35USD) to INR INR4500/- (65USD).

Simulated/Spot Color Process Printing (upto 12 Color Seperation)

Colorlib Template
  • Here is the example of CMYK process color and Simulated color separation process is shown, it works great with this combination and after separating the colors into grey scale and using our RIP software make fine halftone dots on film to expose.
  • Printer Applications:
Colorlib Template Colorlib Template Colorlib Template

Flexo Polymer Block making

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