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Ultra-Seps V3

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UltraSeps v3 features updated plugins and JavaScript’s to accommodate future changes to operating systems, Photoshop and system CPU’s. Version 3 also runs considerably faster and is virtually immune to any type of issue or error. In fact, it also includes a function to run that checks if all in installed correctly.

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UltraSeps v3 T-Shirt Color Separation Software

How it Works…

UltraSeps works within PhotoShop as a plugin and offers 200+ functions to operate, the best features its automatically separates any RGB Images to following colors…
  • 12 Colors Separation in Spot Color + including Under Base and a highlight White
  • CMYK + Underbase
  • Black and White in Light Grey+ Dark Grey + Black and underbase White
  • Duo Tones or Tritone
  • Sepia color Separation
  • Low resolution Image Enhancement
  • Dull Image Color Boost
  • Registration Marks
Anything Is Possible With UltraSeps!
UltraSeps has the power, flexibility and ease of use to make complex, dramatic t-shirt color separations possible for the new user while offering Photoshop Pros the most advanced application of its kind to speed up the separation process. Basically, if a file can be opened within Photoshop, it can be utilized by every tool UltraSeps offers, so this includes everything! Enhance and repair images, modify the art and then choose from 8 different forms of color separation.
Your life just got easier!
We're pleased to offer this 15 day free trial. I highly recommend to everyone thinking about buying UltraSeps to download the trial version first and use it. Use it a lot. Run tests using every function with both the sample files provided and with your artwork.

If there's any difficulty with installing UltraSeps or using it, please see our support page or send email on sales@epsonlfpindia.com for help.

The trial is the full version of the program. If deciding to purchase, just order UltraSeps v3 and run the installer with Photoshop closed to unlock UltraSeps on your system. If a color separation program doesn't have a trial, don't buy it. I hope you enjoy the software. Thanks!